Creation is the Opposite of Destruction...

learn how to bring out the best you, with creativity

Significant disruption of any kind - job loss, pandemics, death, divorce, grief - makes us question everything we know. Our life as we knew it has been destroyed. 

It is hard to focus on the future when we don't know what that looks like anymore. The loss of control can be overwhelming. Where can we go from here? We create a new life, whether parts of it, or all of it. Creating vies a sense of purpose and control. What will you create today?

By attending this session, you will learn how to..
- Identify parts of your life that need to be recreated, whether they needed to be before, or since a change. 
- Prioritize what to approach by beginning with the end in mind and looking at what has the most impact and consequences. 
- Creating balance in what you approach since usually more than one area is affected, because life is interconnected

This video is one hour long, and was originally presented to people in the meetings, events, and hospitality. The topic is appropriate for anyone.