Guiding you through Grown Up Life 
with a cup of Tea
Teacup Meeting
Want to spend an hour with Me? (Okay, in reality, it's probably more than hour. I usually get carried away.)  You buy the coffee (Ok, actually hot tea or maybe even hot chocolate. You can drink coffee) and I will listen and ask lots of questions. You probably will even have homework ahead of time, so we can accomplish more in our time. Then our conversation will guide you towards where you need to focus and do. Topics can be personal or professional -- or both. This is a one-time opportunity for each individual. Own a business and need help in that? Look below at the Out Loud Sessions.   

And I don't hit you up for more work. I'm not a good salesperson, and many have pointed that out. But I wouldn't offer this in the first place, if I did not have different priorities.

If you want to sign up for more time after that with Joanne, let her know at the end of the hour, there is the option to become a Guiding Client. Meanwhile, enjoy hearing more from Joanne as you move forward.  
Guiding Client

After a Teacup Meeting, if you want to continue working with me one-on-one, you become a “Guiding Client”.

I do not require a minimum number of meetings, or have you sign a contract.

Payment is determined by you, based on a mix of what you think it is worth, and what you can afford. It does not have to be the same every time, and clients have paid me a wide range of fees, a lot of the time because when they are working with me, there is also a financial crises going on—such as job loss. 

There have some people who paid what they could at the time, and periodically drop me a check over the years unexpectedly, as they move forward and still see value from what we started.   Although getting an unexpected check is a pleasant surprise, it’s also makes me extremely happy to find out that they still think the work we did has value!

Out Loud Session

Do you own or lead in a business or other organization,  and want to work with me one-on-one to talk about that business? Then what you are looking for is an…

      Out Loud Session

  • Think Out Loud
  • Create Out Loud
  • Solve Out Loud
  • Question Out Loud
  • Focus Out Loud
This is how I work with individuals and organizations developing what they do, want to do, or need to do. 

 I am the child of a right brain highly creative (“What can we make out of that paper towel tube?”) mother, and a left brain engineer father (who sent letters with diagrams in them), and like to think I got the best of both of them, and became an expert on filling in the holes and bridging the gaps. I am an entrepreneur who has reinvented myself as times and life has changed, and love doing the same with others. I get very excited when someone says “I never thought of it that way”, and then working with them to create a better “whatever needs to be fixed”. Because of feedback from those who have worked with me, and because I do not believe one size fits all, I created a “different” kind of fee structure. People would say to me “I got more than I expected and what I needed in 15 minutes”. So I thought why should you pay for an hour when you don’t need an hour? And maybe sometimes you do need an hour. Or something in between.
  • 15 minutes - $75 
  • 30 minutes - $150 
  • 45 minutes - $200 
  • 60 minutes - $250 
  • Monthly retainers - on request
All fees in US Dollars
Resume & Job Search Materials 

People sometime ask me if I work with people on their resume’s and other job search materials. The short answer is ---sometimes.

Usually it is because I am working with someone on a project that ties in with resume’s, where they are looking to clarify who they are, what their gifts/talents/skills are so they can move forward in their career . This could be in the same organization for a promotion or raise (or both), or moving to another organization.

Those people already know I am likely to take them a different way than is traditional, so you need to know that before you work with me. I will recommend you do things, and not do things, that are in most resumes’. My goal is for that resume’ to represent you, in the best way, so you are excited to give it to someone. I do not want it to be like anyone else’s. It will still be professional, just not template.

I also have a number of free Tea with Joanne videos that can help you with some of that aspects. And if you work with me on your resume’ I will have you watch them before we talk, so it is a good place to start.

  • Reading and Guiding Input (30 minutes): $75 (LinkedIn and Cover Letter too)
  • Entire draft of resume: $250 (We will work together to come up with a working resume that reflects you and a specific type of job search
  • Additional Time specifically on job search materials - TBD
Fees may vary if we are working on other projects together. Think of it as "loose packaging". All Fees are in US Dollars.
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