It all starts with a Teacup Meeting...
Joanne Dennison
Are you looking for answers to "What's Next?"
I work with individuals and organizations to answer, "What's Next?"
I do this work one-on-one and with groups such as boards and departments. I use Facilitation, Guiding, Advising, Writing and Speaking --- and a great sense of humor -- as my tools. 

With individuals my work addresses what's going on personally and professionally.  It could be job searches, handling difficult situations ,  contributing more, being a better leader, and communicating better with everyone in your life.  Sometimes it's about believing in yourself more. 

With groups it is frequently about clarifying purpose and direction, determining next steps and implementing the path.  
Why do we, Grown Ups, need guidance? 
Adults are something we become, Grown Ups are something we grow into. As Grown Ups, we constantly face challenges, conflicts, and hardships in personal life or at work. You have to make the best choices for YOU in a life that has a lot of moving parts. Even if you are Grown Up, it is not an easy task. This is when Joanne nudging you, listening to you and telling you straight up can help you get where you need to be. 

Want to spend an hour with Me? (Okay, in reality, it's probably more than hour. I usually get carried away.)  You buy the coffee (Ok, actually hot tea or maybe even hot chocolate. You can drink coffee) and I will listen and ask lots of questions. You probably will even have homework ahead of time, so we can accomplish more in our time. Then our conversation will guide you towards where you need to focus and do. Topics can be personal or professional -- or both.

 This is a one-time opportunity for each individual. Own a business and need help in that? Look below at the Out Loud Sessions.   
After a Teacup Meeting, if you want to continue working with me one-on-one, you become a "Guiding Client". 

I do not require a minimum number of meetings, or have you sign a contract. Payment is determined by you, based on a mix of what you think it is worth, and what you can afford. It does not have to be the same every time, and clients have paid me a wide range of fees, a lot of the time because when they are working with me, there is also a financial crises going on - such as job loss. 
I am likely to take you a different way than is traditional, so you need to know that before you work with me.

I will recommend you do things, and not do things, that are in most resumes'. My goal is for that resume' to represent you, in the best way, so you are excited to give it to someone. I do not want it to be like anyone else's. It will still be professional, just not template.  
Do you own or lead in a business or other organization, and want to work with me one-on-one to talk about that business? Then what you are looking for is an Out Loud session.

  • Think Out Loud
  • Create Out Loud
  • Solve Out Loud
  • Question Out Loud
  • Focus Out Loud

Want to hear from Joanne?
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Joanne will listen and ask lots of questions. Then she'll give you sound advice designed to help you achieve your goals